Do you want to get rid of your clothes?

Ask for an appointment during the week and come to the showroom in the city center of Luxembourg, rue du Fossé. No deposits on Saturday.

Or, meet us directly at our pop ups at Galeries Lafayette, we have a service desk available for deposits. No appointments needed. 

We encourage you to send us pictures prior the deposit meeting to facilitate the selection. 


What to deposit


All brands are welcomed from H&M, Zara to luxury brands (Chanel, Gucci…)

Summer women clothes and accessories

All  items should be in perfect condition and still fashionable

We avoid selecting fur, cocktail dresses, business clothes, high heels and low waist pants



50/50 of selling price (commission can be lowered for luxury brands) 

Selling price is settled together

Payment each month if an item has been sold





We have 3 months to sell your items

If an item has not been sold you can take it back within 60 days or donate it to an association of your/our choice after the contract ends